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Finished Hedgehog

Hello and Happy Friday! As promised, here is the finished Hedgehog piece.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the photorealistic work that I usually do. In fact, I probably only put about 3 hours total into this piece. You can also clearly see where I smudged the crap out of the lower right corner (facepalm) and where the spectrafix leaked under the tape in a few spots. Oh well. I still think she turned out pretty cute in the end.

I’m definitely going to put the spectrafix in a continual mister in the future. I got a great one from Hobby Lobby that I’ll use from now on out.

As for the MiTentes, I’ll use up the rest of the pack and then probably not buy it anymore. Maybe I’ll try it for different mediums, like colored pencil and see how that works out. I don’t know.

Come back next Friday to see what I’m working on! Can’t wait? Head on over to Instagram, then.

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