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In the Studio

This month in the studio, I’m reaching back to my Iowa roots. I’m not really sure what most people think of when they think of Iowa, but I think of pigs. And Corn. And, it being possibly the best place to grow up.

This is done with FaberCastel Polychromos colored pencils on Clarefontaine PastelMat.

Granted, the cows we had in Iowa were not this cute- but its my drawing and my memories, so what? I’d rather forget the time a HUGE sow ran me down in a field. (True story, one my mom probably doesn’t even know about, because if she did she would never have let me go to my friend Heidi’s house again).

It’s hard to believe this is actually the first pig I’ve ever drawn, unless you count Piglet. Do we count Piglet?

Come back next Friday to see the finished piece. Or, head on over to my instagram to get real time access to all my artwork.

Happy Arting!

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