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In the Studio

Hello and Happy Friday! Here’s what I’ve got going on in the studio this week.

Remember the MiTentes paper that I wrestled with while doing the owl? Well, I thought I’d give it another chance, seeing as I have a WHOLE PACK of it and all……

My main complaint with the MiTentes was that after a few layers, it just would not accept any more. I thought I could maybe fix this conundrum with some Spectrafix.

I decided to do this cute little Hedgehog for National Hedgehog Day (February 2) and found a totally adorbs reference from Shutterstock. I pulled out my Panpasels and Stabilo Carbothellos and got to work.

I’ll admit, this was a pretty rough start. Even with the spectrafix, I couldn’t get the layers that I wanted, and I also had a problem with the spectrafix spewing out large globs (which is probably why most people buy a continual mister to put the spectrafix in, silly me.) So I’ll chalk that one up to user error.

Despite my troubles, this piece actually turns out pretty dang cute in the end, so come back next Friday to see the results. Can’t wait? Head on over to Instagram, then.

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