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In the Studio

Hello and Happy Friday! This year I have planned out each and every piece of art I’m going to make for the WHOLE YEAR. I’m so excited to say that this plan is working out perfectly and I have a purpose to my year. I’m currently making a piece for “Penguin Awareness Day” (January 20) -if you haven’t already figured this out, this blog is about a month and a half behind, which is why its best to follow me on Instagram if you want to stay current.

I decided to draw a baby Emperor Penguin on PastelMat paper. I was TERRIBLE at getting my work in progress shots- so here are two blurry screenshots of a timelapse video off of my Instagram. You can go here if you want to see the video.

I used a combo of Panpastels and Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils. This is a very small drawing (paper size 9×12) so not much detail was able to be put in, which irks me. However, the finished piece turned out very nicely and in the end it was a great little study.

Come back next week for the final piece! Can’t wait? Head on over to my Instagram, then.

See you next Friday!

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