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In The Studio

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope that you are all spending as much time as possible in your studios this week. Here is what I’ve been working on:

It’s an ear. Haha. No, its a Golden Retriever puppy (because they are SO CUTE. Facts.) in graphite. My goal for this piece is actually for my boss to -hopefully- buy it and display it in the lobby of the doggy daycare because we have a client who looks just like this beauty. If he doesn’t buy it, I think I’ll just frame it and hang it up there anyway *sneaky laugh*.

One of my favorite things to do is fill in the background of a piece with Polychromos Black. I can use Zest-it to create a smooth, flawless finish that gives the illusion that I’ve drawn on black board. It’s a look that I love and use often. It does require a little bit of work, but I think the result is worth it.

COME BACK NEXT FRIDAY FOR THE FINISHED PIECE! Can’t wait? Head on over to my Instagram, then.

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