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Meet the Artist

Hello and Happy Friday! Here’s to the first Friday of 2021, and hopefully a much better year ahead for all of us.

I wanted to properly make introductions. I’m Megan, the artist behind MM Fine Art Studio. I live in beautiful, historic St. Augustine, Florida.

I love drawing animals and pets, specifically dogs- but pictured above is the piece that started it all. I was 15 when I drew this street scene, and it cemented in me a love and hefty respect for drawing. To be able to spend the majority of my days doing what I love- now that’s even bigger than a dream come true, it’s fulfilling what I was created to do.

I have a family, an Australian Shepherd named Rusty and a part time job at a Doggy Daycare. All of that makes it hard sometimes to make art a priority but I’ve managed it. If you’d like to see how I balance art with a job and the rest of my life, head on over to my YouTube Channel.

I’m a Christian, and believe it or not, drawing animals has helped me understand God on such a deeper level than before. Especially with dogs! Getting to see my own dog’s unconditional love for me each day helps me see my Father’s unconditional love for me.

I’m also a total nerd and not afraid to admit it. Any other Potter Heads or LOTR fans out there???

COME BACK NEXT FRIDAY FOR THE NEXT “IN THE STUDIO” POST! Can’t wait? Head on over to my Instagram, then.

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