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Sketchbook Sunday

In my last post I shared with you one of my art goals for 2020 is to fill a sketchbook. Here are my updates for this week.

You’ll recognize this page from my last post.

I continued my theme of practicing some basic anatomy

On this page I realized how trash this sketchbook paper is. Really not worth the two bucks. Just one round of blending and the paper was pilling. 🙄

In addition to my daily sketchbook habit in the making, I’ve also been working on Rusty’s portrait. Here’s my update:

Im really struggling with letting my whites be white without going back in with all my texture and details. I need to let the fur speak for itself instead of forcing all of the tiny details. So basically this piece is taking forever because I keep having to undo a lot of mistakes I make and also, hello Christmas. So maybe I’ll get it done before we travel for the holidays but I’m not going to push myself to finish. I will, however, take my cruddy sketchbook whom I’ve named Tiny Tim with me and try to keep up the daily sketchbook habit.

Do any of y’all have a daily sketchbook habit?

Happy arting!

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