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The Next 30 Days

It has started.

Florida will officially be on lockdown starting midnight, tomorrow for 30 days. I’ve already put my family on lockdown for three weeks now, so we are practically pros.

As I write this, I’m doing my very very best not to fall into despair. Part of that is setting some goals for the upcoming weeks to keep myself focused and busy on other things.

This may seem like a no brainer to most people, because most people already live like that. I, however, am a fly by the seat of my pants type of person who, in theory, shuns all routines and schedules. So this is new to me, and will hopefully be life changing- my rebel persona has always wanted to be Type-A.

So I have a few things to work toward over the next 30 days. I thought I’d share some here, bounce them back and forth with my fellow quaranteeners. Feel free to also leave some of your own goals for the duration of this lockdown in the comments below.

1. Finish my tiger in pastels without having a mental breakdown.

2. Do “The Body Gym” that my MIL got for me a year ago that I haven’t touched except to move out of the way periodically BECAUSE ITS ALWAYS IN THE WAY. I am serious about this one though, and have actually done it every day for a week. Yay me.

3. Start and finish an acrylic painting of orchids for our new house.

4. Start two large floral abstracts paintings, also for the new house.

5. Find a new house.

Haha, the last one is actually not a joke. We are moving to a new and very exciting destination, but moving plans have been delayed because of reasons- I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. So at least this does leave us with a little extra time to find a house for the right price.

Alrighty, I’m sure my list will expand and contract depending on my moods each day, but you get the general idea .

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